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The Process

Homeopathic Consultation

The homeopathic consultation includes an intake session and follow-up session(s).

The length of the intake session and the number of follow-up sessions depends on the severity and duration of your complaint.   

The purpose of the intake session is to allow issues that are related to your condition to be viewed holistically and understood thoroughly enough to recommend a well-indicated homeopathic remedy for you.

The duration of this session is approximately two hours.

Then, your homeopath will analyze the pattern of your symptoms, and select a homeopathic remedy for you.

You learn about your condition – your sensations, visceral response to stress, etc.


You learn about yourself.



The purpose of the follow-up sessions is to monitor your response to the homeopathic remedy and make assessment of your condition as it changes in time.

This is the time to readjust the frequency of taking the homeopathic remedy, evaluate its potency, or consider a different remedy.

Follow-up sessions last approximately one hour, and are usually scheduled at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks.

You become an observer of yourself.


You learn to recognize your needs.


You become the decision-maker of your state of well-being.  

Energy Field Assessment


You can also measure your personal energy field non-invasively within minutes 

Energy Field 3 days after Rx.png


The energy scan analysis provides information about:

  • The overall level of energy (in Joules)

  • Level of physiological stress

  • Balance of energy flow throughout the body

  • The energy flow through the Yin - Yang meridians

  • The size and alignment of the seven chakras 

You can use this holistic view of your body’s energy state to:

  • Identify psycho-emotional state and level of stress

  • Follow up response of the body to different influences

  • Monitor your energetic homeostasis in response to:

- a homeopathic remedy

- food and supplements

- body and mind practices

Bio-Well is not a medical instrument, and it is not designed for medical diagnostic. In case of health concerns, please, consult your doctor.

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