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The Science and Art of Healing


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

 Albert Einstein  

Now more than ever, increased awareness and expectations of individual well-being is challenging the current methods of health care. Conventional medicine has developed a standardized approach to diagnose a disease as an ideal average of signs and symptoms detected in the population. It follows predefined treatment protocols that ensure patient comfort, early intervention, and supporting therapy for everyone. It also allows health care providers to serve optimal number of patients. Such an approach has led to a fast, reliable, and universally valid medical practice that can serve the population. However, many individuals experience peculiar symptoms that do not fit a standardized definition of a disease. They suffer from something that cannot be identified by conventional methods, and the underlying cause of their ailments remains unknown. They do not respond to treatment as expected, develop hypersensitivities, or resistance to medications. They become an exception to the standardized method, an irregularity. They are often left without a solution to their unconventional health problems, but certainly not unnoticed. These cases have reminded us that the phenomenon of human nature is yet to be explained and it takes not only science but also an art to help a human being heal. Moreover, their search of a solution has changed the landscape of health care - revived the traditional alternative medicines, dietary and nutritional therapies, mind and body practices and other healing modalities and encouraged us to integrate them in our lives.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy has helped millions of people with various afflictions to harness their body’s intrinsic healing abilities and enable their well-being. Traditionally, homeopathic remedies are chosen based on a well-defined set of symptoms and factors that ameliorate or aggravate them. Thousands of such cases have been carefully recorded since mid1800s mostly by physicians who practiced homeopathy as traditional medicine before it was modified and replaced by conventional medicine.  Today, people experience the benefits of a well-indicated homeopathic remedy for functional conditions that can potentially revert to homeostasis such as:  

Stress-related problems

Autoimmune conditions

Chronic pains

Neuropsychiatric conditions

Complex chronic conditions

Metabolic problems

Long-term fatigue



Digestive issues

Sleep disturbances

Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks

The limitations are conditions that have already progressed to permanent damage and require supporting therapy or interventions to sustain function using the methods of conventional medicine.


Classical homeopathy considers the totality of symptoms of an individual, which is a combination of the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms, because we seek to understand the person and the unique nature of his or her complaints. Each case is considered individually, so we need a variety of case-taking techniques to guide people into describing the sensations of their ailments until a unique characteristic pattern is revealed. Then, following a comprehensive analysis, we match the individual’s pattern of symptoms with a characteristic symptomatology of a homeopathic remedy in order to trigger the body’s healing mechanism.

Homeopaths have at their disposal a library of about 4000 homeopathic remedies. Most of the homeopathic remedies have been tested in healthy individuals and the sensations that these remedies produce have been systematically analyzed and recorded. In parallel, homeopathic remedies have been in clinical use since mid1800s and their clinical effects have been well-documented. All this information has been integrated into a characteristic symptomatology for each individual remedy and compiled into a homeopathic materia medica. This database has been continuously updated with new cases.  


The length of a homeopathic treatment depends on the duration and severity of the ailment. If people take a well-indicated remedy at the very onset of their symptoms, they may experience a relief within hours and days. These are the cases of mild external injuries, colds, digestive issues, localized inflammations, or other temporarily physical or emotional indispositions due to certain external factors. It is always a good idea to check carefully if these symptoms are not a flare-up of a deeper underlying condition and remain vigilant to the healing progress. In cases when people have had complaints for years, it may take some time to initiate the body’s natural healing mechanism. In these cases, initially people respond to a homeopathic remedy by subtle  changes such as “everything tastes better”, “I somehow feel as if clouds have lifted off my head”, or “I have energy and my mind is clear”. Soon, the healing process moves from the mental and emotional level to ameliorating the physical ailments.

"No one can tell me what is wrong with me, but I know that I haven’t been myself since…"

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Homeopathic consultations are not a substitute for medical advice, and anyone with serious concerns about their health should consult a healthcare professional.

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